A payout is a type of transfer of funds from a user’s Dots wallet to an external account (such as a bank account). A payout can be initiated by a user through Flows, Payout Links or through API calls.

Flow Payouts

Read more about creating a payout through a Flow here.

Payouts links can be created through the /v2/payouts/send-payout endpoint or if more customization is needed, the /v2/payout-links endpoint.

The send-payout endpoint is a convenience endpoint that sends a Payout Link to new users and delivers the payout to the user’s default method if they already exist.

White-labeled Payouts

For a more white-labeled experience, you can first add a payout method to a user using the /v2/users/{user_id}/payout-methods endpoint and then calling the /v2/payouts endpoint.