A user is a representation of a person or entity in the Dots system. A user can be created by a platform or by the user themselves but can be connected to any platform.

The platform can add additional data to a user such as an SSN and address for tax purposes and add bank accounts and other payment methods.

The User Object

  "id": "47b40e06-883d-44d1-b96c-8272195907a7",
  "first_name": "Bob",
  "last_name": "Loblaw",
  "email": "bob@bobloblaw.com",
  "phone_number": {
    "country_code": "1",
    "number": "5555555555"
  "wallet": {
    "amount": 1000.0,
    "withdrawable_balance": 500.0,
    "credit_balance": 0
  "compliance": {
    "tax_id_collected": false,
    "address_collected": false,
    "date_of_birth_collected": false,
    "1099_collected": false,
    "w8_ben_collected": false,
    "flagged": false
  "metadata": null


idstring (uuid)UUID id of the user
first_namestringUser’s first name
last_namestringUser’s last name
emailstringUser’s email
phone_number.country_codestringThe phone number country code e.g. 1
phone_number.phone_numberstringThe phone_number e.g. 1234567890
wallet.amountintegerBalance of the user’s wallet in cents
wallet.withdrawable_balanceintegerWithdrawable balance of the user’s wallet in cents
wallet.credit_balanceintegerAmount of credit for your app in the user’s wallet
compliance.tax_id_collectedbooleantrue if tax id is collected and valid
compliance.address_collectedbooleantrue if address is collected
compliance.date_of_birth_collectedbooleantrue if date of birth is collected
compliance.1099_collectedbooleantrue if 1099 information is collected
compliance.w8_ben_collectedbooleantrue if W8-BEN information is collected
compliance.flaggedbooleantrue if user is flagged for compliance reasons. Manual review will be required before they can be paid out
compliance.id_verifiedbooleantrue if the user has verified their government-issued ID
metadatastring/object/nullAdditional data that can be added to the user