The following error codes are returned by the API:


auth-email-already-existsThat email is already in use
auth-username-already-existsThat username is already in use
invalid-inputInvalid input
invalid-ssnInvalid SSN
invalid-usernameUsername is invalid. Usernames may only contain letters, digits and ’-‘. They must not contain swear words or protected words.
invalid-phone-numberInvalid phone number
invalid-emailInvalid email address
invalid-phone-number-voipVOIP phone number not allowed
invalid-invoice-requested-informationInvalid value for requested_information
invalid-invoice-breakdownInvalid invoice breakdown
invalid-invoice-itemInvalid invoice item
invalid-invoice-item-totalItem totals add up incorrectly
invalid-transactionInvalid transaction
service-unavailableA service was unavailable
user-info-missingUser has missing or invalid info
user-info-missing-cash-appUser missing Cash App account info
user-info-missing-contactUser missing contact info
user-info-missing-cardUser missing credit card info
app-info-missingApp has missing or invalid info
transaction-insufficient-fundsNot enough funds in wallet
resource-busyThis is unavailable because one or more previous requests are still being processed.