Our API aims to make moving money between businesses and people easy and modular. Whether you want to enable payouts to users via ACH or Venmo, build an embeddable wallet system into your application, or even just file 1099 forms, we’ve built an API to take all of the hassle away.

In this documentation, you’ll find everything you need to get started with Dots.

💸 Getting Started

All Dots endpoints are testable via our sandbox environment (see below).

Sandbox Endpoint


Production Endpoint


🔑 Sandbox Keys

Head on over to https://senddotssandbox.com to create an account and get started! Once you make an account, you should get your sandbox keys.

🔑 Production Keys

Please schedule a demo or email us at info@senddots.com to get production keys!

📞 Questions or Feedback?

Please email us at info@senddots.com. We love answering questions and getting feedback on how to improve.