A user is a representation of a person or entity in the Dots system. A user can be created by a platform or by the user themselves but can be connected to any platform.

Each user is attached to a wallet which holds the user’s balance, transactions and credits.

The platform can add additional data to a user such as an SSN and address for tax purposes and add bank accounts and other payment methods.

The User Object

  "id": 12341341,
  "email": "test@senddots.com",
  "username": "bob-loblaw",
  "first_name": "Bob",
  "last_name": "Loblaw",
  "display_name": "Bob Loblaw",
  "wallet": {
    "amount": 1000.0,
    "withdrawable_balance": 500.0,
    "credit_balance": 0
  "ach_accounts": [
      "name": "Chase Checking",
      "id": "acc_32234dfs235",
      "mask": "2345"


idstring (uuid)UUID id of the user
first_namestringUser’s first name
last_namestringUser’s last name
usernamestringUser’s username
display_namestringUser’s display name
wallet.amountfloatAmount of dots in the user’s wallet
wallet.credit_balancefloatAmount of credit for your app in the user’s wallet
wallet.withdrawable_balancefloatAmount of dots that user can withdraw from their wallet
ach_accountsarrayArray of ACH accounts
ach_accounts.namestringName of the ACH account
ach_accounts.idstringID of the ACH account
ach_accounts.maskstringLast 4 digits of the ach account